Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Swaps for playday in April

Going to keep the writing very limited for this post because I wanted to share with you all of the photos and dont want to fill up your page!
These are the swaps that I made for my crafty playmates at our playday on Sunday.
They are little easel cards but with a little drawer, if that makes sense!

This pic shows the easel up and the drawer closed.
Here is the drawer open
This pic shows the lovely button I used for decoration
This pic shows you the three colourways for the three playmates
This one was my prototype.  It didnt come out quite as good as I had wanted it to because the drawer was a bit loose which meant that I hadn't measured acurately enough.
This is work in progress to the original 4 drawer/easel card I WAS going to make, however it was so very time consuming that I decided that just one drawer would be enough!! 
Absolutely loved the colour card and the patterned paper used on this one
Hope the ladies enjoy their gifts.

Thank you so very much for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx
All the products used were from Stampin'Up!  -  Please drop me an email or go to "shop" on the sidebar to check out the products available.


  1. hey - where did my comment go??? I certainly DID enjoy my gift Jan. I think you're amazing making something like this. Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. We LOVE them, you are so clever. Thank You X