Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Christines Craft Class - Christmas No. 5

Today I am sharing Card no. 5 of 6 designed by Christine Dyer and made by myself at Christines's class.

I must admit that when Christine showed us this one I let out a little groan because I really do not like doing random!  Not only was the inking random but so too were the stars!

The coloured "strip" across the centre isn't a bit of paper, we taped off the white card leaving just a strip in the middle clear.  We then got the inks out and blobbed on the ink!  I believe we then spritzed with a little water.  Once dried we stamped and embossed the stars and sentiment using glittery embossing powder.  Rhinestones were the last thing to be added.

Lovely effect.

Thank you for stopping by.
Jan xxxxx


  1. Very nice too. Even though you don't like doing random, you pulled it off a treat. xxx